Thursday, 23 December 2010

Just Passing Through on the way to the Bin

Sometimes it goes terribly wrong and gets put straight in the bin. Sometimes it sits around a while before I can allow myself to accept that it's hidious. This is one of those such times. Hidden on a shelf. For a while. Bad. Bad memories associated with when it was made. Needs to go. To the bin for you bad piece of rubbishness. Good riddance.

New beginnings

Friday, 3 December 2010

Not quite making it to the woods


 Didn't get to the woods. I tried. Really tried. But was thwarted. Taking too many photographs. Getting carried away on the way there. My battery died and didn't bring a spare. Stupid girl. The snow was so deep. I was wading up to my thighs. Was only fun for a while. It started getting dark and I'd barely done half a mile. Was on my own and a little afaid of falling over and getting stuck and being eaten by wolves. Or gruffaloes. Gave up and went to look for bread instead. Not in the woods though.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Today has felt disjointed. Not right. Like living in one of those dreams in which you are certain you're awake. But then you wake up. It was wrong from the moment I actually did wake. No sounds. Then a bird attempted a tweet. I looked outside to check I was awake. That made it worse. 18 inches of snow changes everything. Literally. It's still autumn. The apple tree two gardens beyond mine has frozen red apples shining out from white. White. Everywhere. Brave orange leaves. White. Wrong. Everything has stopped. Apart from people. Walking down the middle of the main road was the only way to get anywhere. It became a path. Impassable even for sledges. Knee high. Thigh high. Everywhere was new. So beautiful. Still. I traditionally hate snow. But today was magical. Tomorrow it will be intolerable again. Narnia. I did expect Mr Tumnus to turn up at any given point. Might brave the woods tomorrow....or maybe I'll get back to normal and have a little rant about something instead....

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