Saturday, 30 April 2011

Maybe one day the Whole World will be Blue

It is a bit of a cliche, I know, but I really respond to blue. Not sure why. My preference is usually more bleak, wintery blue than this. My favourite blue is Prussion (although that contradicts what I've just said as it's such a rich shade). No scrap that, my absolute favourite shade is when you run water over a black inky drawing, and it runs blue. That is the best. Although recently I've been thwarted in that one after accidently buying a pack of waterproof inky pens. Stupid girl. So I've had to turn elsewhere for my blue fix. I quite like the bluebells. I know they are quite pretty and quite indulgent, but I like the blue haze cast over the woodland floor. Although I do regret lying on it to take some these (rubbish, blury) shots. Will be picking bracken out of my jumper for weeks I'm sure. I think these are native (I may well be wrong), every year they multiply a little more. Spread a little more. Beautiful little bluebells...


Friday, 29 April 2011


I crouched down to take this photo (I seem to be developing a slight fascination with Dandelion Clocks) and was promply stung sharply on my bottom... quite pleased with the image though...

Friday, 22 April 2011

The Beautiful Potterick Carr

Potteric Carr made me very happy for a whole morning. And some. In fact I'm still a bit happy now. It's a nature reserve. And is nearly on my doorstep. Well about 8ish miles away. But I'd never been. I was lured there by easter egg painting. Not for me. I at least pretended it was for my little daughter. It's the most beautiful, tranquil space. Yet it's at the side of both the M18 and the East Coast Mainline.  I think that made it feel even more special, hidden, safe.  We had a lovely time, Little Daughter and me. She took me round. Not her first time. Just mine. She whispered (in case we frightened the wildlife). We hid in the hides. Took photos. Sketched. Painted eggs. Had a lovely time. And now, as ever, my mind is buzzing with ideas.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Perfect Day Off

Laser-cut paper flower shop decorations. Harvey Nicholls

Twas not the trip it was originally meant to be. The plan was 'The Yoga Show' in Manchester. But it was cancelled and we were thwarted. We went shopping instead. Although, I do seem to remember getting more excited about the garlands of laser cut paper flowers decorating the accessories section Harvey Nic's than the lovely, lovely products. Is that normal? And it was perfect. A day of friends. Of indulgance and time off from real life. A day of laughter and wine and yoga in odd places (utkatasana on the train anyone?). It was what my head needed. And today back at home the sun was out, I pottered all day with my little girl, and now I'm working. Twisting wire and layering enamels so subtly that they are almost not there, between thin sheets of glass. Anyway,it's the Easter holidays and they have felt like forever coming.

Friday, 15 April 2011

More Ironwork (Am Really Not a Geek!)

Am inspired by structure and frameworks at the moment. Visual imagery that takes my ideas a little bit further. There is lots going on in my head (as ever). But am struggling to make sense of a lot of it. Am getting frustrated because the images of my work won't edit properly. Am tired and just want to whinge. Am wound up and crotchety because I want to work but I just keep messing things up. My focus is all over the place. Probably best to stop. But back to these images. I like them. They work for my frame of mind. Took them at an amazing house on an old estate. Stunning. Utterly breathtaking. Perfectly dilapidated in all the right places. Magical. Ooh and leeches too!

Am going to go now and find somebody to bore with my ramblings. Rant. Moan.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Elizabeth Frink and my Dad's Hat

This was on my birthday. Back in the darkest, earthy depths of early January. Am craving the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at the moment. Counting down until the Easter Holidays grant a little freedom. Surviving on chocolate biscuits and sheer, pure stubborness.
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