Sunday, 27 November 2011

Giving my Hearts Away!

I have one of my very lonely hearts to give away to a good home! Open to followers new and old, please just leave a comment reassuring me you would look after it! Ps if you mention it on your blog, then I will smile lots and put your name in the pot twice!

The new home will be picked next Saturday (2nd December!)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Please Don't Break Me (Heart of Glass)

1. Hanging with vintage background
 Three weeks on and I'm still faffing around trying to photograph glass hearts. I've taken on board all the comments and advice that you've all offered, waited (and waited and waited) for sunny days (yes that's right... in November), but the weather has been seriously grim of recent days... anyway... this is where I'm at with the photography! I know none are perfect yet... but as a work in progress... which is best? (apologies for the terrible layout... Blogger is being a nightmare!)

2. plain white, lightly textured (I think I quite like this)
3. Rather pretty background
4. Plain white medium texture (muchy likey, I think)

5. Vintage background on a slant

6.Vintage background, pale (I like)
7. Heavy texture (Prob too heavy) but FAB reflections!
Ooooh the decisions....! (Flaps hands dramatically)

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Miss Pinkerton Pecker

Isn't she lovely? She was made by Jooles... I won her on a giveaway on her blog Sew Sweet Violet
I am very, very smitten

Thank you so much Jooles!

Friday, 4 November 2011


Personalised fused-glass framed name panels, layered with an inky illustration

Detail showing the layering and stitching

Illustration detail

This week I've been mostly:
  • Following the 'ch' diet (chocolate, cheese, chips... classy girly)
  • Sobbing spontaenously (slightly unhinged girly)
  • Stressing massively (about anything and everything)
  • Swearing at my camera (poor thing... I really love it possibly more than life itself!)
  • Discovering that no matter how hard I wish that I really don't have a fairy godmother (apparantly most people don't.... but it would really, really make my day) I do however have the most amazing friends who materialize at the exact moment of utter meltdown
  • Rediscovering peanut butter on toast (pure, complete comfort)
  • Realising that I've taken on too much (mummy, teacher, artist, MA student) and that it has finally, possibly  broken me is too, too much
  • Making an idiot of myself in front of LOTS of people (Oh god, take it from me... NEVER to be repeated)
  • Running and running until my hips ache
  • Doing yoga (I swear it has made me a better, more patient person)
  • And... driving my car into the school building... literally (stupid steps... I mean who attaches steps to the outside of a building anyway???!)

Please let next week be better (crosses fingers, toes... everything...)

On the plus side, a huge, enormous, life-changing development... After yearning for a wood-burning stove for my entire adult life... I finally had one fitted this week. And it makes me so, so happy!
Plasterwork is next on the list... then can finally paint walls and sand the floors... 'Project Living Room' is underway!

Suzie has not left the hearth all week!
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