Sunday, 29 January 2012

Ha. Maybe Something...

To the Dept of Brain
In My Head
Top Floor of My Body
In a Freezing Cold Yorkshire Village

Dear Mind,

We need to have serious words; I know you are not happy at the moment; I know you are desperately craving daylight; I know you are resolutely trying to convince me that my creative spark is dead, defunct, no more, nada. But I'm not standing for it! I'm sorry that I hurt my stupid knee and can't run so much in the way that you have become accustomed, I know that running keeps you ticking over in a satisfactory way; (but lets not forget, dear Mind, that is was you in the first place that advised me to play on the childrens' obstacle course in the forest, last May, which caused my knee to bend in the wrong direction and wreak cartilage havoc). But this absolutely cannot go on, I'm fighting back now and am going to prove you wrong (sticks up 2 proverbial fingers to depression, SAD, whatever this *!^$ is (insert choice word here).

Evidence point 1:
I swear I felt a flicker of something the other day...I don't know what it was. or even if I was just trying to convince myself. But something, whatever it was, compelled me to take these pictures when I got out of my car at work:

Evidence point 2:
Last Saturday I spent the day in London. Now I do love London... and dear Mind, this was always always going to be a tough one for you to fight, I'm delighted to report that you lose! I have plenty that I want to say about my most recent visit to the Saatchi gallery, it will take me a while, but I will document and write about it eventually, when you decide to relinquish the energy back to me:

Evidence point 3:
The sky

So you see, dear Brain, this behaviour is not acceptable and I will not be putting up with it for long (blows enormous raspberry)

And the Snowdrops will be flowering soon, followed by Daffodils, in a month or so I will be driving home in daylight, and getting up not long before sunrise... (it won't be long until I'm cursing the 5am dawn chorus again and wishing it was winter!)

Unkindest regards


  1. keep at it, keep telling your mind that you will pull yourself out of this. you will get there. (your pictures are great) x

  2. Kathryn, you are revolting.
    LOL! Love this post.
    Your pictures of the tree tops to me are inspiring. I like the interlacing, twisting effects. For you to see these proves to me that you are free again. You are back in the groove, no longer a prisoner of that mind of yours.
    Long live your freedom.
    XX Dad


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