Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Brown paper and used stamps

I love textures that have a history. That used to have another life before I got my sticky little fingers on them. Have a story to tell. A past... Brown parcel paper is my utter favourite. I love giving it a place of its own. No longer the supporting act (etc)...Broken zips are georgous. Little, tiny uniform teeth. Not quite lining up anymore. Edges and seams are interesting especially if they are unravelling from being worn so many times. But used stamps are on another level entirely... They have travelled. Made the effort. Been bought and stuck on by somebody (no longer licked!). Been designed and approved and collected. But my love is conditional. I only love the used ones.

(I am trying to make bunting for my nearly-four-year-olds birthday tea. I'm too stingy to buy it. I have cut up her old stripey tights and other assorted bits and bobs. Bought a zillion metres of ribbon. Now I just have sixty little flags to make...wondering why I start these things?)

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  1. The bunting was fabulous. Unique texture and eclectic mix of materials.


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