Saturday, 7 August 2010

Feeling happier. Going through old sketchbooks...

Detail from my ideas book. All of these drawings have been worked through into glass.
Really enjoy creating runny, inky drawings. I like the challenge of manipulating the glass in the kiln to replicate the beautiful runniness. I like it imperfect...

Feel more motivated. Looking at bits and bobs from the past. Will start playing with texture again tonight. I think...Just make a start at least. Got so much to do...


  1. your comment made my day. you have no idea. i have been having a very "love/hate" relationship with el blog and it actually brightened my weekend to read what you said. and yes i do remember you. will you and ms rosie pop be at fashion week in september?
    x fiona

    ps love your sketches.

  2. kathryn, thank you sooooo much for your comment on my blog. i am happy you found mine and that i found yours. i LOVE your art work and the organic feel. i am definitely adding you to my favorites!!! xo nikki

  3. ps: you should check out the artist kiki smith (if u haven't already). her work also has an organic sensibility. just purchased her book as a b-day gift to myself. :)

  4. Ooh thank you Nicole- shall definately look her up. I love the idea of buying your own birthday present! It's the type of thing I end up doing- several times a year!

  5. I love your artwork! It's so inspiring :)


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