Saturday, 25 September 2010

I have a mottled heart



Do we ever really heal the things that break our hearts? I think there's usually some sort of scar left. A slightly tender bit that hurts if prodded...I have a mottled heart. Bio oil is helping. Last winter I made a huge batch of work (including some more of these hearts) to deliver to a shop in Hull. I was literally 2 minutes away from the shop when I went over a speed bump too fast. I can still hear the dull, tinkley clank that signalled the brokeness of every single piece. Shouldn't  have been so mean with the bubble wrap. Am an idiot.
Anyway...this lot made it to their destination intact... Phew


  1. Kathryn it was lovely to meet you today - love your blog! Hope to see you again on Thursday at our launch
    Chris x

  2. I really enjoyed meeting you too! Will do my best to be there- What time was it? x


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