Saturday, 2 October 2010

Been to the Harley Gallery. About time too...

Cleo Mussi
The funny thing is that I have been aware of this work for a while now. Been reading about it. Various publications. I liked what I read. I lapped up the visuals. But when I finally got around to locating and visiting the gallery (bit of a stupid, mental block with regards to going to places that I don't know how to get to. Another example of being an idiot), I had no idea that this work was here. I discovered it. But still didn't twig what it was. Then the penny dropped. I utterly loved it. The fragments started me thinking about my own work. My own use of fragements and bits and bobs. I went to the Harley gallery on a grey sunday afternoon. Expecting to have a nice time. But not quite prepared for the complete turnaround in my own creative vision which has plagued me since. I have started working. The sort of working that cannot stop for things like sleeping and eating. Can't switch my brain off. But it's ok. Am maybe a bit pleased with what I'm doing. Time will tell.  

 I realy, really, really would like one of these pieces. But think they are very, very, very, very, very expensive.

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  1. Oh how absolutely wonderful! I've found nowhere on the internet where the photos do Cleo Mussi's work justice. I've read that her work is amazing and I've seen little glimpses but these photos are the best. Reading through your blog, I love your contagious enthusiasm!


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