Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Little Pods. Little Experiments

Am feeling a bit unsure of myself. A little meloncholly. Blue. Questionning myself a lot. It's not really anything specific I can put my finger on. Well maybe it is actually. I find life rather overwhelming at times. But anyway I've been playing with circles and pods and blues and greens. My favouritest things...


  1. your latest piece looks great! Down day's are just a part of life. They are there to make the good day's better.

  2. I can completely sympathise with being unsure of yourself at times as I am the same way - I have my little troughs where I feel uncertain about almost everything. But they certainly make the highs all the sweeter.

    Beautiful colours!!

    Jem xXx

  3. Beautiful work. Hope you are feeling better about things soon!

  4. Don't doubt yourself ... your creations are undoubtedly lovley and you are undoubtedly talented!

  5. I think these are beautiful. September is always a difficult time when school starts again. In a couple of days you'll welcome the routine and the fact that working with glass is your reward and antidote to your day job :)

  6. I suppose feeling unsure about one's work and questioning one's self goes with the territory of being an artist but this piece is very charming.


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