Sunday, 4 September 2011

Architects of Light (*Gasps)

There is so, so much I want to say about this experience but at the moment I'm so tired that tears are involuntarliy streaming down my face. Finally getting to go inside a Mirazozo fulfilled one of my wishes. I was privileged to share this with my little daughter, nephew and my dad. I'm tempted to write reams and reams of waffle about how it felt, how much I loved it, but actually I think that would cheapen the whole experience a little, after all, good art doesn't need words. Good art transports you somewhere else, provides you with an experience, forces you to think... this did all three! I think my little girlie summed it up perfectly as she gasped 'Mummy, it's beautiful... just like being inside magic!'

This is what I love and this is why I teach Art!


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW!
    What an amazing experience.

  2. ps
    where is it?
    I really need to visit

  3. Wow! Those photos are amazing, utterly beautiful.

  4. Wow that is amazing ! Where is it?! I know my whole family would love it.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, I can assure you it is never usually as tidy or organised as that!! I wish I'd practiced yoga or even stretched whilst I was running. I am ashamed to say I would just run out my front door and back again and never took the time to stretch for years, and seem to be paying the price for it now!! Miss it lots. Good luck at Clumber park, its such a beautiful place to run! I'm going to start yoga at my local fitness club but don't know what type it is!

    Sally x

  5. I agree, it was a kind of magic, magic, magic …


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