Saturday, 19 November 2011

Please Don't Break Me (Heart of Glass)

1. Hanging with vintage background
 Three weeks on and I'm still faffing around trying to photograph glass hearts. I've taken on board all the comments and advice that you've all offered, waited (and waited and waited) for sunny days (yes that's right... in November), but the weather has been seriously grim of recent days... anyway... this is where I'm at with the photography! I know none are perfect yet... but as a work in progress... which is best? (apologies for the terrible layout... Blogger is being a nightmare!)

2. plain white, lightly textured (I think I quite like this)
3. Rather pretty background
4. Plain white medium texture (muchy likey, I think)

5. Vintage background on a slant

6.Vintage background, pale (I like)
7. Heavy texture (Prob too heavy) but FAB reflections!
Ooooh the decisions....! (Flaps hands dramatically)

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  1. number 1 definitely, hanging makes such a difference. beats all of the other's hands down.

  2. Wonderful hearts!! Very original!

  3. Kathryn these glass hearts are gorgeous! Such a lovely creation! :-)

    I'm liking number 1!

    Jem xXx

  4. I like number one or the plain background so the hearts really stand out... they are amazing by the way... really really cool xx

  5. I love this heart glass hanging! :) It's very hard to photograph. But I'm liking the vintage ones best. ;)

  6. 1 looks like glass
    2 gives a good result to show the detail
    4 is probably the best overall
    7 I like the effect the glass has on the background, but this is not what you are looking for.
    xxx Dad

  7. Funnily enough Kathryn I like all the ones that you've said you like. Which may or may not be helpful!

  8. Nice piece I like the vintage background too! xox Corrine

  9. It's a really fun piece and I can see the difficulty in photographing it well. My 2 cents is that the 2 vintage backgrounds work best. There's a little pattern so you can see that it's glass and in the second one you actually get a sense of the texture in the glass. My only suggestion would be to use as neutral a color as possible because you don't want the pattern color to distort the heart colors, but a little pattern does help. Good luck!


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