Friday, 4 November 2011


Personalised fused-glass framed name panels, layered with an inky illustration

Detail showing the layering and stitching

Illustration detail

This week I've been mostly:
  • Following the 'ch' diet (chocolate, cheese, chips... classy girly)
  • Sobbing spontaenously (slightly unhinged girly)
  • Stressing massively (about anything and everything)
  • Swearing at my camera (poor thing... I really love it possibly more than life itself!)
  • Discovering that no matter how hard I wish that I really don't have a fairy godmother (apparantly most people don't.... but it would really, really make my day) I do however have the most amazing friends who materialize at the exact moment of utter meltdown
  • Rediscovering peanut butter on toast (pure, complete comfort)
  • Realising that I've taken on too much (mummy, teacher, artist, MA student) and that it has finally, possibly  broken me is too, too much
  • Making an idiot of myself in front of LOTS of people (Oh god, take it from me... NEVER to be repeated)
  • Running and running until my hips ache
  • Doing yoga (I swear it has made me a better, more patient person)
  • And... driving my car into the school building... literally (stupid steps... I mean who attaches steps to the outside of a building anyway???!)

Please let next week be better (crosses fingers, toes... everything...)

On the plus side, a huge, enormous, life-changing development... After yearning for a wood-burning stove for my entire adult life... I finally had one fitted this week. And it makes me so, so happy!
Plasterwork is next on the list... then can finally paint walls and sand the floors... 'Project Living Room' is underway!

Suzie has not left the hearth all week!
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  1. I'm sorry you've had a rubbish week lovely, I know what it's like when it seems as though one thing piles on top of another, then another!

    Next week WILL be better. Your name plate is brilliant, you could do a roaring trade making bespoke ones if you ever felt like it! And HOW lovely is your new woodburner!?

    Jem xXx

  2. Oh I feel for you.
    I hope next week will be brighter
    The fire looks nice and toasty

  3. Oh dear your post has given me a good laugh.... sorry, but you are quite funny even having driven into a building. Hope you are unharmed! If it's any consolation, I make an eedjit out of myself in front of lots of people regularly and I'm comforted to know you do too. Really love the name panels and would give my eye teeth for wooden floors and a wood burning stove.

  4. Great glass work and have to say that your rubbish week sounds about normal for me... I went back and did a masters a few years ago and thought my whole brain was melting for the whole two years!!! enjoyed your blog a lot and looking forward to visiting again xx

  5. so sorry to hear about your week but giggled at how you told about it. your glass work is stunning! and your fire looks very cozy. i recommend opening a bottle of wine and just relaxing in front of it! :-)

  6. I hope your wishes come true xxx

  7. Well, at least it wasn't boring. :) Cheer up! Have a fab week! :)

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  9. FIRE!!!! I'm comin' over......(when it's cold enough)

  10. Hello :D Just found you via your giveaway win at Sew Sweet Violet, on which congrats.

    I've had an almost identical experience in the past trying to keep all the plates spinning ... just remind yourself if there's a crash that it was only a plate and tomorrow's another dinner service x


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