Sunday, 12 February 2012

My tiny, tiny desk

It's small but I love it!

Beautiful mountains of glass awaiting to be turned into something
Fired glass ready for mounting
My beloved copper wire spool
I have a little space to work in; just a desk and a kiln... I would love a big studio but with my life as it is at the moment (teaching full-time and being a mummy) I simply wouldn't be able to take the travelling time. So I have to work from home which is hugely challenging at times... but it works because, although my workspace looks messy, it's actually highly organised and slots in perfectly in our family house. It's slightly tricky at the moment though, as I'm five days away from the terrifying prospect of opening my first solo exhibition in 5 years  (which consists of 35 pieces)... I think my family might be slightly getting fed up with me filling every available space with work!

Oooh and the snow is finally melting! Hurrah... will be glad to wear something other than wellies!

Oooh x2 am reworking my blog a little bit as the design was irking me (isn't that a fab word?) somewhat... am just in the process of tinkering (another fab word) with a new banner


  1. Kathryn
    I love these photographs. To me the artist work place is a special place where creativity and imagination germinate and produce magical objects. Alchemy. Treasures made to behold. The tools, the materials laid out how the artist works are all intriguing to me. The Black and white photographs make me think that these were taken by a spy, a clandestine figure has photographed the things that are used to creative your wondrous work.
    One day you will have a bigger space to work in. <3 Dad
    PS the tablets are wearing off.

  2. Hi Kathryn: I shared your work at my blog in my Spot-On-Art feature:
    Have a nice day.


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