Monday, 13 February 2012


Am going to stop making artwork. At the end of this week, when this blooming exhibition is over. It's too stressful, like having a little bit of my soul ripped out. So I'm hanging up my tools and going to sell my lovely little kiln xx


  1. Is this an artist's angry post? Will you feel differently tomorrow?

  2. Sending you some positivity. You are awesome kathryn, hope the creative stresses remove themselves! x

  3. I think when the exhibition is over you will feel different. hang in there. your work is lovely x

  4. Your work is so beautiful. Never say never. Have time out, reflect, and hopefully you will return... you have talent, maybe your creative mojo just needs a rest x

  5. Kathryn
    To me what is so heart-warming about this post is how quickly your friends responded, one within a minute. It shows what depth of feeling your friends have for you and your work. The problem is that you were born creative, with a creatively that gives joy to others and part of creativity is showing and giving part of your soul away to other. You have produced a mountain of work in a relatively short time along with carrying out the activities of life that you need to survive. This must take its toll on you.
    I remember a few years back visiting an exhibition about Rupert Bear. Rupert was one of my favourite books when I was a child. I loved both the stories and the illustrations. What I liked most about the illustrations is the way that they are an overhead view; the eye line is not at the normal ground level. I wondered round the exhibition looking at the work with a more adult eye. How could this person (sorry I have forgotten his name) have produced this work? The imagination and creativity is so immense. Nearing the end of the exhibition, what really took me by surprise was the showcase showing the artists tools. There were a handful of old and worn watercolour paint brushes, an old and battered tin paint box with paints used and bits dripped everywhere and an old paint pallet. Wow these humble and simple tools where enough for this artist to create a character in a fantasy land and I and many other believed this. This long story is just my way of saying never sell your tools. This artist could not have created Rupert with his tools. Without his tolls I would have had, in some way a deprived childhood. There is no harm inletting some dust gather on your tools and kiln, I think that dust is a preservative and the deeper it is the better it works. The real joy is in wiping away a deep layer of dust and finding an old and faithful friend underneath it <3 Dad


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