Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dear Yorkshire Sculpture Park...

Dearest Yorkshire Sculpture Park

 I've been away for a while. London. I have strayed. Maybe we just know each other too well now... Maybe we need a break... have been spending some time at the Saatchi Gallery. I know I did send a mass text message saying 'In the Saatchi. Have died and gone to heaven! It's the best place I have ever, ever been!! xx.' Yes that is two exclamation marks. And yes it did go to rather a lot of people. But I do still love you too. It's not you, it's me. I think I needed a change. You are very different. I was overexcited by the artwork. Can I have you both? Please?

Begging forgiveness
Kathryn xx

Dan Perfect 'Village' 2007

Dan Perfect 'Antelope Canyon' 2005
 Was very taken with Dan Perfect's paintings. Don't think I was aware of these beforehand. Maybe I've seen them in magazines and not remembered. Seeing them in actuality was quite special really. Think I might have actually gasped. And done that funny jig thing that inflicts me from time to time. Big, big canvases. Alive with paint. With energy. Thought* how is it possible to capture such sheer energy through paint? I want to know more. And I really, really would like one all for myself...

Toby Ziegler 'The Liberals (3rd Version)'.

 A rubbing of a door. In graphite. Beautiful velvety texture. Fragile, fragile paper. Texture of door imprinted. Wish I knew who the artist was...would like to find out more about them...
Richard Wilson '20:50.' 1987. Used sump oil, steel. Dimensions variable
 Richard Wilson. Have seen this before. When the Saatchi Gallery was housed in the Town Hall. I love it. It puts me on edge. The sense of danger. The perfect mirrored surface. The smell hits long before the installation is visible. It plays with my senses, my perception.

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  1. I'd choose YSP every time - although the artworks do look good. (Perhaps I have been unlucky when I've visited...)


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