Sunday, 6 February 2011

Some thoughts on Nora Fok at the Harley Gallery

Am good at getting to the Harley Gallery now (must better than the first time?).  It's my nearest place for contemporary art. Physically it's the opposite to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (where I go to think and make sense and be alone). The Harley Gallery is just as comforting but in an more embracing way (it's indoors, for a start), there is nowhere to hide away. But always someone to talk to.

Today I went with a proper purpose (rather than as escapism). To see the work of Nora Fok (visit her website here). Beautiful sculptural shapes. Wearable. Woven from nylon threads. Complex geometric designs based around the structure of natural forms. It was actually stunning and the more I think about it, the less I can get my head around the sheer amount of work involved in each piece. I really, really can't. It's actually hurting my head a bit.

'Nora Fok’s jewellery is crafted from very fine nylon microfilament, which she knits, knots, plaits and weaves by hand to make jewellery that is inspired by complex mathematics, geometry and the patterns in nature.'

I was captivated by the shadows cast through the incricate weaves...spidery and vunerable... impossible to photograph. The colour... so delicate sometimes that it almost wasn't there. But the most interesting thing. The best thing. Was the models, the macquettes, being allowed to glimpse the process. The trial and error... for me it makes the body of work complete. Tells the story. Adds the integrity.

Nora Fok was present. It was the launch of her exhibition. I'm rubbish at talking to people. Can never remember what I wanted to ask. In the end I just smiled like an idiot and said it was beautiful work (because it completely and utterly was)


  1. Hiya,

    Just wanted to say thanks for checking out my blog - your glass is super gorgeous!


  2. Hi, I went to see Nora's work last week - couldn't make Sunday. The exhibition is awe inspiring and everyone is just blown away by the experience! I have yet to sort out my photos, but hope to have them sorted and on Flick soon.


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