Saturday, 12 February 2011

Strata in Red

 It really didn't occur to me for a long time to develop the Strata series into red. I'd been working only in blues and greens due to the Holderness roots of the initial pieces. I must admit to being really, really sceptical (and worried) when it was commisioned  in red. I secretly told myself that I would try it, but not release the work if it didn't feel right (I do that a lot. An awful lot more than people realise...)

In the end I was quite pleased (ish) with the red. I think. And did make a few more pieces. I quite like the mix of textures and translucency with opacity. Especially when the colours bleed out of their little section... As ever I like it imperfect. It can be quite tricky to achieve the perfect imperfections. It's all about how long and how high to fire the glass for in the kiln. Too high and all definition is lost. I really hate that. Too long and it flattens... too short and it doesn't meld to the degree I like. I used to love experimenting with firing cycles, but now I'm at the stage where I know my kiln and it's quirks inside out... I can pretty much predict and control how something will work out...  not including controversial colour schemes. Of course...


  1. Your work is so beautiful, the red is perfect so striking! Thank you for your lovely supportive comment too x

  2. Love your work, Kathryn and the way you have framed it. I can't quite get a sense of scale - how big are these pieces?

  3. Sorry, should really include dimensions... hadn't thought of that! This piece was roughly 6 (ish) by 18 inches xx


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