Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Perfect Day Off

Laser-cut paper flower shop decorations. Harvey Nicholls

Twas not the trip it was originally meant to be. The plan was 'The Yoga Show' in Manchester. But it was cancelled and we were thwarted. We went shopping instead. Although, I do seem to remember getting more excited about the garlands of laser cut paper flowers decorating the accessories section Harvey Nic's than the lovely, lovely products. Is that normal? And it was perfect. A day of friends. Of indulgance and time off from real life. A day of laughter and wine and yoga in odd places (utkatasana on the train anyone?). It was what my head needed. And today back at home the sun was out, I pottered all day with my little girl, and now I'm working. Twisting wire and layering enamels so subtly that they are almost not there, between thin sheets of glass. Anyway,it's the Easter holidays and they have felt like forever coming.


  1. fantastic photo's especially love the printworks one!

  2. These are great pictures!!! love love love....


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