Friday, 15 April 2011

More Ironwork (Am Really Not a Geek!)

Am inspired by structure and frameworks at the moment. Visual imagery that takes my ideas a little bit further. There is lots going on in my head (as ever). But am struggling to make sense of a lot of it. Am getting frustrated because the images of my work won't edit properly. Am tired and just want to whinge. Am wound up and crotchety because I want to work but I just keep messing things up. My focus is all over the place. Probably best to stop. But back to these images. I like them. They work for my frame of mind. Took them at an amazing house on an old estate. Stunning. Utterly breathtaking. Perfectly dilapidated in all the right places. Magical. Ooh and leeches too!

Am going to go now and find somebody to bore with my ramblings. Rant. Moan.


  1. Your ramblings aren't boring at all, those iron grids are absolutely stunning! I'd love some to mount on a wall . . .

  2. Ironwork is beautiful. I have some saved in my galleries. Not sure about the leeches!!

  3. Great pictures, I like dilapidation, nature taking its materials back.
    I have noticed that one of the photographs shows circles in a structured format. I can see from for earlier postings that you have a love of them.

  4. Beautiful ironwork, and yes I can see the circles too. :)


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