Saturday, 30 April 2011

Maybe one day the Whole World will be Blue

It is a bit of a cliche, I know, but I really respond to blue. Not sure why. My preference is usually more bleak, wintery blue than this. My favourite blue is Prussion (although that contradicts what I've just said as it's such a rich shade). No scrap that, my absolute favourite shade is when you run water over a black inky drawing, and it runs blue. That is the best. Although recently I've been thwarted in that one after accidently buying a pack of waterproof inky pens. Stupid girl. So I've had to turn elsewhere for my blue fix. I quite like the bluebells. I know they are quite pretty and quite indulgent, but I like the blue haze cast over the woodland floor. Although I do regret lying on it to take some these (rubbish, blury) shots. Will be picking bracken out of my jumper for weeks I'm sure. I think these are native (I may well be wrong), every year they multiply a little more. Spread a little more. Beautiful little bluebells...



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous Bluebells!! They're absolutely stunning aren't they? :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. Kathryn
    The bluebells look beautiful. What a wonderful blue haze they create in your woods. The last photographs looks enchanting, it looks like a fairy glen.

  3. Blue is pretty... I like it a lot!!! :)


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