Friday, 26 August 2011

Finished commission: 'Helen's Seaside'

Fused Glass, copper and aluminium inclusions, pen, ink and salvaged fabrics stitched onto the base layer. It's a rare occasion for me to be feeling ok about something I've made. But this time, I think I do (although I did make it twice, couldn't possibly have released the version... big time technical issues)


  1. Oh this is so beautiful!! It fills me with seaside yearnings. The person this is going to must be over the moon.

  2. Kathryn. This is beautiful, really beautiful xxx

  3. Gorgeous piece. Love fused glass. I really like ypu photo style on the blog. xox

  4. really really lovely x oh how I love bunting

  5. This piece is really evocative of the beach - it's beautiful. And so is your purple wall in your previous post!


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