Sunday, 6 March 2011

'Come on Somebody, do Something out of Character' (James 'Sound')

I want to stomp through the woods and leave mud on my floors. I want to stay out in my garden and not go inside until it gets too cold to bear. I want to take bad photographs all day long. I want to stay this inspired. Forever. I want to run 1 mile further tonight. I want to feel the chilly sunlight and clasp my hands round a mug of tea. I want to search and search for buds and little, tiny spots of green. I want to know that this winter has not taken absolutely everything I've nurtured in my garden. I want to cut glass and free my head of some space. I want to stitch white on white on white. I want to write. I want to draw inky little drawings and watch the ink run when I drench it with water. I want to twist wire and fill the gaps with blue frits. I want to hammer down copper hangers and hear the rhythmic click of my kiln. I want to do Chataranga and not fall splat on the floor. I want to plant seeds and stop fretting that they fail. I want to smell my washing when it comes in freezing cold from the line. I want to plan lessons that will engage and inspire. I want to wear my dotty dress with red tights tomorrow. I want to run glazes over the surface of my glass. I want to work in pale blues and acid greens... I want to be free of this endless winter. I want to believe that spring is finally here...


Had better get started then...


  1. Good to see you have been outside taking photos today, me too! Make sure you wear your dotty dress tomorrow to remind everyone that Spring is on it's way. Hope you've managed some time with your kiln this weekend.

  2. Lovely post! It's been a beautiful day today. I hope that spring is here to stay.:)

  3. Thank you for your kind comment, I just discovered your blog today and it is really beautiful, I love your photography and your glass work is amazing!


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