Sunday, 20 March 2011

Last Summer

Today is last day of this endless winter. It is ending. At last. I have lost a lot from my garden. The -18 temperatures in November took their toll. It was harsh. A lot has gone.  These images were from last summer. A good garden year. They are a bit oddly arranged because Blogger is a bit stupid like that. Sometimes. I would prefer my images beautifully aligned. But no. Clearly my computer is not in agreement. Anyway, I love my garden. Maybe, if I'm honest, dare I admit, obsess about my garden. It means a lot to me to have a little tiny space of my own to grow things. I like the chilly spring evenings when I can potter around wearing so many jumpers that I get all twisted up. I like donning wellies and ancient fleeces over my smart work clothes and nipping outside 'just for a minute', then half an hour later realise a pan has boiled over. I like gardening in the dark, hopping aound in front of the security light every two minutes, trying to gain a few seconds of light. I can't wait for tomorrow. For it to be spring. I don't care if it's still freezing. I'll be out there...



  1. It feels really springy today, I can't wait in fact I've already been out there tidying, every morning something new has emerged this really is the best time of year. Your garden pictures are so beautiful I bet your garden is lovely.
    Emma x

  2. I'm sorry your garden took such a hit in that super cold snap we had - these photos from the summer are so, so beautiful!

    Jem xXx


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