Thursday, 26 May 2011

Not Quite Pretty

 I've noticed that I take photographs constantly. It's probably very annoying to those around me on a daily basis. Always seemingly trying reference or record some bizarre little thing I've noticed, that my mind won't quite let go of. I have to take pictures, just have to. It's a bit like a compulsion these days. I don't quite know what I think will happen if I let a visual reference pass me by. I think I worry that I might need it later and regret not taking it. These are what I snapped today. They all seemed terribly important at the time. And actually, although not quite properly pretty, they are little memories that I will use again in my work at some point. These are almost like little sketches in photograph format, just snapped and twiddled with on my Iphone. Not worth using my proper camera for. But actually, sometimes I prefer these unplanned, spontaneous images. I think they kind of, somehow capture the truth in what I'm seeing a little more.


  1. I do the same thing. I love your photos. They allude to a greater story.

  2. I loved them all!! Oh, but I really really liked the one with the mirror... looks so bizarre, like a floating head.... I do it all the time, and who cares?? Keep taking those pics my friend :)

  3. I'm incredibly excited about my new iPhone 4 for just this reason, my old iPhone had a rubbish camera but the new one will allow me to snap on my phone at a little better quality without having to borrow the OH's Canon quite as often!

    I like your photos Kathryn, they're little things captured purely because they have resonance with you and that makes them meaningful :-)

    Jem xXx


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