Sunday, 22 May 2011

One Day I Will...

Learn to knit again

Run in my first 10k race

Have the confidence to approach new outlets to sell my work (who am I kidding here?! I will never do that! The places where my work sells is due to friends getting sick of my dallying around and getting it in shops on my behalf) God. I could never do that.

Have every single last little scrap of remaining vertical space in my garden covered with growing things

Have a darkroom at home

Have a studio which is not in the most public space in my house

Know what on earth I'm actually doing?

Realise that whilst buying shoes may make me feel better for a short while, they will not lead to the ultimate state of happiness

I would really, really love to have my own shop

Be as self-suffient as possible without being silly about it. Well at least power my kiln from solar energy... as a start

Not be so stupidly afraid of so many things

Learn how to do small-talk

Remember to remember the saying on the little hanging thingy I recently bought for a friend's brand new baby 'There is no set path. Just follow your heart'. (Said friend does often remind me of this saying during the frequent times when I'm beating myself up for being rubbish at being me) Maybe I need to buy myself a hanging thingy with it on?


  1. You're probably not going to listen to a random blogger if you don't listen to your friends (!), but you really should be walking round shops with samples of your lovely glass! It's bound to be snapped up! That's what I did with my patchwork and it's really satisfying knowing that some of my work is for sale, even if it's just pocket money!

  2. I really hope that one day your wishes will come true. X

  3. You are so talented! you should never, ever put your art low...

    Now, with your list, I ran a 13K once and I'm dying to do it again... it's addictive.

    I would LOVE to have a dark room as well...

    I think none of us really know what we're doing...really. At least I know I don't most of the time :)


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