Saturday, 28 May 2011

Photo Sketches: Today I've Been working on...

 Have been thinking (as ever). Am actually really now starting to love the idea of little photo sketches. Little snippets of what I've been seeing and doing. There's thousands of them in a folder on my desktop. My rationalisation is that these images are part of my visual journey (what a cheesy phrase!), well maybe even more than that, they are at the core of what I do each day. I can't help but see my life as little fragments or as faded or discoloured images. My artwork has been about fragments and memories for years, but now my recording of life itself has become a bit like that too... hmmm what was it Mr Wilde said... something about life imitating art. Am seeing more and more evidence of this as the years roll by. So anyway, I'm going to record some of these images on my blog. I've always used my blog as a sketchbook, but now I think I need it to be more like a diary. I'm intrigued by the way that Rustika uses her blog to map her thoughts, I read every post and they always touch me... So here we are: This is where I'm at today...lots of work in progress, lots of sketching, both in ink and in wire. And a new pair of Converse that need breaking in (my old pair lasted 12 years and died on Tuesday this week). Let's not mention the guffaws that errupted when I proudly opened them... hmmmm...


  1. Lovely photographs! The first one is beautiful! x

  2. Your Dandelion is beautifully done!


  3. Kathryn
    I am back up and blogging again. Thanks for your help and advice.
    The pictures are great. I like the red shoes, and the squiggles, which is almost like writing in some places. Is there a hidden message in it?

  4. Thanks guys... Bofis the squiggles are part of a piece which is now ready for the kiln, called 'Leaf Cover' x


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