Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Big Yorkshire Skies First Finished Experiment (Possibly!)

Have been experimenting with the idea of developing work based on the 'Big Yorkshire Skies' images. It's difficult because there is absolutely NO structure to work with, no linear qualities, purely texture (and I really do feel at home with structure... this is a challenging me a bit... ok well maybe a bit more than a bit). The texture has been manipulated on both the top (glass) and base layer, the latter being salvaged fabric and paper, with the former being colour (possibly too strong in areas). There are areas that I love (the stripey bit and translucent grey areas), and parts that I find dreadful (the heavy blues). But I do think that I'm pleased with fact that there is a balance of both layers.
A detail of what I think is my favourite part: The top right hand corner, but it is very hard to show the 3D ness in a photograph effectively... Rahhhhhh photographing glass is soooo hard... it is making me feel very stressy...Shut up Kathryn

Some of the textures that have been layered and stitched underneath the glass....

(Holds head in hands and says 'grrrrrrrr')


  1. I know how easy it is to be critical of your own work but I love this piece - it is so striking - especially the your favourite bits! Though I do like the blue glass too

    Jem xXx

  2. Oh wow that is stunning, I really love the blue colours!

  3. Golly gosh x 2.
    How organic.
    How cosmic.
    How fluid.
    How unstructured.
    How contrasting.
    How ying and yang.
    How well balanced.
    How good is this piece? Stunning x 2.

  4. This is beautiful, the blues and greys i just love


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