Saturday, 2 July 2011

Secret Garden

I spent much of today in my god-mother's beautiful garden. I remember playing in it when I was young. Fragments of memories. It's the most awesome hide-and-seek garden. Full of hidden areas, different levels, little paths... I wanted to take pictures of the textures and details. I didn't have the right camera with me to the photograph the whole thing, but doubt very much that I could do it justice anyway. Anyway, these are the little bits that my eye constantly wanders to... the little textures that remind me of today and that will build up the ever-growing jigsaw of memories of happy times with her... xx

(Am really cross that my pictures won't align properly... grrrrr... when I try to move them they delete)


  1. Nice post :) I liked the very first one, the texture of the grass looks awesome...

  2. How enticing - to hear about the total beauty of the garden and then to see these close-up details.

  3. lovely lovely photographs
    (especially the top 2)

  4. I love these nature shots! =)


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