Saturday, 16 July 2011

Finished Work (Leaf Cover). Or maybe not...

This work has been hurting my head so much. Even now I flinch a little when I see it. It just didn't quite turn out as I intended, but for some reason I ploughed ahead to completion. Again, it's glass layered over an inky sketch. There is not enough colour...There must be some reason why I didn't fling it spectacularly across the kitchen, some reason why it 'made it' through my unfathomable selection process which seems to be based on pure gut-instinct rather than anything concrete. It taunts me a little because I had been planning it for so long... the ideas started to develop as the new leaf cover started emerge in all it's lovely limey glory. It was these images along with recent lovely times in the woods that provided the imagery. I can still smell the fresh, damp woody smell, feel the slight chill. It truly is fragments of memories (oh yes! Ker -ching). But... it's not quite right... yet... this one might have just made it through by the skin of it's little glassy teeth (there's still time for it to take a flying hike), but there will be more, there needs to be more. I just need to get it right...


  1. Kathryn
    The pain that this piece has given you has resulted in an intricate and delicate glass sculpture. It is inspired and a truly visually beautiful piece.
    ‘There is not enough colour...’ when is there enough? It is your creation and you have the inspired visions in your mind’s eye that you are working out, but to me the colour balance is just right. It has the dabbled sunlight effect of the photos that you have taken.
    xxx Dad

  2. I know the feeling! But I have to agree with Bofis, that it has the dappled sunlight effect of the photos you've taken. I hope it is saved from the spectacular fling because you will probably love it in a few weeks time when you've taken a break from it.

  3. You might know this website. A different take on glass.

  4. I think it is lovely. I like reading your inner torment - I'm glad I'm not the only one to find it impossible to like a piece when I've finished it. Only a few months down the line, when I catch sight of a picture of it do i think, Oh, it's quite nice, that.


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