Tuesday, 5 July 2011

We are Sensory Beings (part 1)

Last week I had a little rant about the digital age, and in the post 'Mulling it Over' I asked the question 'are we losing our grip on actual materials?' With the context being the increasing use of graphics tablets and digital manipulation. Well my Dad came to the rescue (good old dad!) with the insightful comment:

 'As to the question will the digital manipulation replace the painting. Never, they will live side by side. Has IKEA replace bespoke furniture making. No, it has just made bespoke furniture making better. The electric guitar has not replaced the acoustic guitar.

We live in a tactile world, touch is one of our main survival senses. I like to feel how the paint reacts with different brush pressures. Paint has a feel all of its own. Digital is just another medium, a new fresh one but given time it will level out amongst all the other mediums. Egg tempera is still used, how old it that technology.'

Isn't it lovely that even as a proper grown-up in my thirties that dad can still put everything right for me? The bit about living in a tactile world and touch being one of our senses... it's so right. Well, anyway... the day after that I went on a school visit to Walsall Art Gallery (near Birmingham) and saw these awesome artworks by artist-in-residence  Barbara Walker  being made from charcoal and watery paint. They were so utterly perfect for the moment, for my mind-set. They were being created directly onto the wall which is a permanent action, but were transient because they were ultimately destined to be painted over again... Now I just want to paint... hmmmmmm


  1. Your dad is a very wise man! Those drawings are amazing, very inspiring.

  2. Thanks for your kind comment! Im still on cloud nine! I was secretly aiming for a first but never really expected it! Im going on to study my masters in illustration, Im hoping it will give me a year to make some contacts and figure out where Im going!
    Thanks again.
    Anna x

  3. The artwork is stunning! Digital anything has it's own value, but it will never ever replace the original craft that started it all.


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