Saturday, 20 August 2011

Kite (Getting told off)

 I got told off. By my mum (despite the fact that I'm 33). I must now hang my head in shame. It was because I've been harping on way too much about my love of bleakness in relation to our holiday last week. I was just trying to make the point that I had a fantastic time, and it didn't matter that the weather was unconventially cathartic, I that I actually thrive in that type of weather. But my mum has been reading my posts quite differently and said I made out that the weather was rubbish every day... well here is some proof that the sun did come out too. And so did the kites and flags...

 Kites are one of the little things in life that will always raise my spirits, no matter how low. They are poetic, graceful and powerful and harness the greatest power of all, the wind. There is nothing like the feeling of standing on a blustery beach, with the tide miles out, cocooned in layers of various technical fabrics flying a kite. If you haven't tried yet... then... well do...

(Am I out of trouble now?!)


  1. Hehe! My Mum still tells me off occasionally, despite my being 25! Perhaps it's one of those things we never grow out of?!

    Beautiful kites!

    Jem xXx

  2. Lovely images, and yep, I still get told off and I'm 37, Mum also uses the full version of my name when I'm really in trouble!

  3. I frequently get told off by your Mum….

  4. Yeah I will definitely scan it in! If it does ever get published you and your dad are getting a complimentary copy! I really appreciate all your kind feedback and support! It means a lot to me! x

  5. I loved your bleak pictures of Norfolk . . . I grew up there and my mum and dad are still there . . . I don't go back often . . . I don't like being told off ;-)
    (no it is because it is nearly 500 miles)


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