Monday, 15 August 2011

Things I noticed in Norfolk

Little things that I noticed whilst wondering around... Rusty, cobwebby locks and my absolute favourite shade of greyish blue...

Wobbly Fences. Love the lines...

I love the texture and composition of chicken wire. I love the fact that this is imperfect, a bit squashed. And I really love how my terrible photo create a silhouette against the sky!

The toilet window at Sandringham House (is that the correct title? Should I call it a palace?). I really liked the texture of the glass... I imagine most people are NOT taking photos of the toilet windows in this beautiful place! Note to self... try to act more normally in Royal residances...

I love this flower that was growing at the roadside outside our cottage. I love it's pinkness (is that an actual descriptive term? Hmmmm...)

Another roadside plant smothered in cobwebs, there were eggs in here too.

Another fence! God... I must be boring company...

Fishing boats... quite liking the colours and composition. It was such a cold, blustery day and this sort of 'stood out' from the bleakness (although I'm not complaining I do love bleak honestly. Says in such a way of trying to convince even herself of this fact...)

I hated this image until I played around with a little bit... Now I really like the diagonal line of crabbers (am I the only person who finds that word the tiniest bit funny?)

Now I actually don't like this image very much, there is something about the colours that I find just too heavy, but I felt a little guilty about leaving it out... and anyway might want to refer back to it at some point, so somehow it was included by the very skin of it's little teeth

A glorious rusty hole with concrete, being gradually corroded and reclaimed by the sea! Perfect! (Although a bad pic... wonder if my dad got a better one? Daaaad......)


  1. Kathryn
    Knockout pictures. I find that I cannot say or read ‘crabbers’ without an internal giggle. Not sure about photographs of a royal toilet window, I will have to look into that.
    With regards to be best rust picture, you win. Check mine, I have posted it.
    xxx Dad.

  2. A wonderful collection of photographs.
    I love the rusty lock.

  3. Wonderful photographs - they felt like 'home' even tho they are miles and miles away...beautiful images that reflect the little things we notice; not the big things. Just lovely! "Love the lines...."


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