Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My Little Tiny Rainy Day Pot

 Yes I know I like to harp on about how much I love bleak weather, hate the heat etc... but there are limits to this! Sometimes I need a break from being buffetted around by kites on sand dunes, yes it's all very wholesome and romantic, but sometimes it gets a bit much... Last week on holibobs in beautiful, beautiful Norfolk we found an unexpected little refuge in Hunstanton. A lovely little warm, contemporary ceramics-painting shop called 'Paint Me Ceramics'. We actually went in for 'Little Daughter' who desperately wanted to paint something... but it was only a matter of time before I could contain myself anymore and started painting my own little bowl too... I tried out my pebble design. It was so, so theraputic sitting in the warmth painting.  And the thing that really impressed me the most was that the owners were lovely, really knew their stuff, were happy to have a little chat about their kilns (I know, I'm such a geek... note to self: learn to talk to people about 'normal' things), and were so genuinely enthusiastic for all of their customers. I wish their were more folk like this in the world.

 Anyway. Two days later we traipsed back (me praying feverently that the firing had gone well... being hugely experienced in kiln disasters!) and our pots had just come out. They were utterly fantastic 'Little Daughter' has put hers in her bedroom were she stated that it would be safe because there is a carpet... and mine... well at the moment I just keep gazing at it and thinking... I really think I would like to do more... a much bigger one...same design. It's a really strange feeling translating a design that is so important to me into a different medium... I'm really, really pleased with it (and I'm never pleased with my own work).

I'm already planning for next time...


  1. Pretty! I've always wanted to try that out. Yours is really lovely.

  2. I like days like that. Days when something unplanned or not expected turns out to be an enjoyable treat.
    The bowl looks great and will remind you of the day. Moments to treasure.
    I may have a try the next time I am in Hunstanton.


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