Monday, 3 October 2011

Never Ever

Never ever wear wellies with bare feet in 27 degrees of heat. Not even if they are extremely beautiful wellies, of the variety that you have always wanted and you want to wear on every possible occasion (yes even to school during the last week of term... got away with it too!), not even if it is raining torrentially and you are on your way out to a very hot yoga session and don't want to be faffing with socks. YOU WILL GET STUCK INSIDE SAID WELLIES. INDEFINITELY


  1. Argh no!! I did the same thing once with my wellies once - just slipped them on over bare feet to go check on the ponies. Never. Again. Did you have to get help pulling them off?!

    Jem xXx

  2. yahoo back I am online!!!
    Sounds like a case of the feet wellington. I had that in a restaurant once.
    Woops sorry got that wrong, it was beef wellington I had.
    Seriously I did make wince when I read this post
    XXX Dad


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