Saturday, 1 October 2011

There is a Fine Line Between Geek and Cool

And I think I might have irreversibly crossed it this time...I have shocked myself (but apparently it happens all the time!) I think I might like trains... a bit!

I've been to York on the train today to the 'National Railway Museum' and have totally been blown away by the beauty and presence of these engines. The stillness and sense of greatness. I felt totally and utterly content here...

 And when I really force myself to think about it, it's not really that much of a shocker... I live next to the East Coast Mainline and love the long, long black trains making their way from either London or Edinburgh... it gives me an odd sense of comfort...

 Another mounting piece of evidence is that I really (and I mean really) love to travel on steam trains... something about them takes me back to times that I didn't actually experience and memories that probably didn't actually happen... but feel utterly right...

Oh goodness... does this mean I'm a... er... train enthusiast?? (*Runs around flapping arms) Nooooooooo!


  1. Oh I hear you! I totally love trains [but not in the train spotter kind of way] especially the old steam ones! I could spend hours at the Railway museum they have some gorgeous ones there!

  2. Oh I'm glad it's not just me! Am trying to work out what it is exactly... maybe nostalgia? Or romance? Or escapism?

  3. Trains are cool, embrace it!!! And beeing a geek is pretty awesome. At least I try to convince myself that when I'm out bird watching, reading (enthusiastically!) of different kinds of rock types and minerals or something like that...;)

  4. There is something reassuring about steam trains.
    They are solid well made things with their working not hidden away out of site which gives them a strength of character.
    They seem to have a rhythm, a chickerty can, a chickerty can, like a heartbeat. It seems to give them a personality.
    I think this way folks have an affinity to them.
    Fear not, you have not become a train geek, I work with one. You do not know the difference between a saddle tanker and a wheel tapper. You do not spend all you waking hours reading about them and making scale models, researching the exact size of the old ‘H’ television aerials. And when your model is finished, running your model trains to the summer of 1954 time table.
    Xxx Dad


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