Friday, 28 October 2011

Utter Nightmare

I keep slipping into panic. I have just got to get myself sorted with regards to my artwork. Things have changed so much for me this past year and I really don't know which direction to go from here. I've developed my framed, layered glasswork, and give or take, I'm fairly pleased with some pieces. But there is so much more to what I make, wall hangings and jewellery... until April I used to sell all of this work through a beautiful shop called 'Pollyanna', but it closed and I was devastated. I also used to sell a lot at Craft shows, but I just don't have the time anymore. It means that I have never had to rely on marketing myself, taking decent photos etc. But now I need to learn how to do it.

I have spent a frustrating afternoon trying to take images of glass. It's impossible, the light is amazing in reality, but I cannot capture it. The light is the main reason I work with glass, but it just won't photograph. I also don't have a decent enough macro for my camera. (I only managed to get this close in by digging out an ancient lens from the loft after a bout of tears). But it's not good enough. Not smart enough. I need better backgrounds (this was from a Victorian jewellery box I was given for my 30th). I don't know if it distracts too much from the glass, or if the distortions caused by the glass help to show the effect?

I need to find somewhere to sell. This is terribly, terribly hard for me. The thought of walking into a shop and asking if they would consider selling my work, for me is the sheer stuff of nightmares. (The only reason I had work in Pollyanna was because one of my long-suffering friends took it in for me)
But I need decent pictures before I can consider selling anywhere.... oh god this is such a HUUUGE nightmare...
What about online shops? Is it a way forward?


  1. the small coloured ones look great, but I do think a plain white background may be better, especially if there is lots of light and they may able to be angled. I googled art glass images and saw some nice images, that may inspire you.

  2. hey Kathryn - and nice to meet you! (how lovely of Cuckoo to share my giveaway!)
    I'm totally feeling your frustration in this post! Your work is beautiful - and it's seriously frustrating when a photograph doesn't do it justice.
    I have had a really good experience with (once I get past the dreaded acceptance of paying commission!) and will happily share my experience of them of you want to email me?
    With regards the photography - I've learnt loads this year through trial and error - and am off to try and find your email address before I fill this box!
    fee x

  3. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    I think your jewellery photos would be good enough to sell online but I also share your frustration of trying to get decent shots!

    I guess it's mostly trial & error but maybe have a think.. are any of your friends a whizz with the camera? They could take photos for you?

  4. These are lovely!! you have a beautiful art my friend :)

  5. Hi Kathryn. I totally feel your pain. Glass is so tricky to photograph. Mind you I got some cards printed the other day, and they were even harder to photograph, so maybe it's me!

    I really like your shots with the shallow depth of field, they look great.

    I have to say I rely on Photoshop A LOT to get the colours in my images true to the intensity and saturation of the actual glass. Do you have it? If not, any other image manipulation apps on your computer? Sometimes, just by boosting the brightness and contrast settings, you can improve a picture no end.

    As for backgrounds, I do think white is best. I really admire Julia Mills photography (but I think she gets a pro in!)

    Hope that helps - and hope next week is better for you :)


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