Sunday, 5 June 2011

I wonder what memory will do to colour?

 The last two and a half days have been very hot. Yes, even in Yorkshire. It was terribly exciting, digging out the factor 30, making ice-lollies, flopping around in pretty dresses and bare feet. The sky was blue. Proper summer-type intense blue, no clouds. The colours, usually seen under a dull, cloudy sky, were vivid and addictive, as was my need to photograph and reference them before they slipped away again. I wonder what the passage of time will do to the memory of these colours? Will they pop up in some piece of artwork in the future as muted or disproportionately intense? I wanted to record them so that I can refer back at some time... just to see.

 After a while the sun screen started to feel sticky, the heat a bit too pounding, the air conditioning in the car stopped working...

Then at lunchtime yesterday I stood on the hem of my maxi-dress and snapped the strap. About half an hour later a wind got up, the clouds came over and that was the end of it. I do love chilly Yorkshire really. Three cheers for cardigans!


  1. lovely photo's, I especially like the last one (hope your pillowcase has finally arrived?

  2. Ooh yes...It arrived yesterday, fantastic pattern! Thank you so much Saphy! Am going to photograph it before I use it xx

  3. What beautiful colours - I hope they pop up in your artwork as intense as they were when you saw them.

  4. Gorgeous photos, they really capture the mood. I agree though, cardigan weather suits me best too!

  5. I love to picture of the shoes. It has something special about it. The Australian duck is good as well. …x

  6. Thank you very much for your comment! Im really pleased with how it turned out, only one hard copy exists at the moment so im either gonna print and bind some more or pay to get a batch done, depends on the money situation! The thought of graduating terrifies me! I have no idea what comes next! Probably a mundane part time job and a push at going freelance. Im also going to carry on with the book to try and get it up to a state where it could be published! Fingers crossed I guess! My game plan is to end up living on a boat somewhere on the Ouse! But that may be a while away, still I can dream!!!

    Your photographs are always really beautiful by the way, the one with the foxgloves is amazing.

    Thanks again, Anna x

  7. What amazing photographs!
    They are simply stunning.
    My favourite has to be the space hopper
    Thanks for a fabulous injection of colour

  8. I love your gorgeous, vivid photos Kathryn!! Especially the Foxglove and the space hopper!! :-)

    Jem xXx


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