Sunday, 26 June 2011


Last night, at bath time my little daughter said to me 'Mummy, will you please try to act like a normal person?' (she is five)! Am not really sure what I was doing that wasn't normal at that point. Maybe it was because I was doing a Downward Dog whilst singing 'Little Donkey'? But that is normal in my life. A few months a go we were in a shop choosing bathroom tiles and she randomly declared 'I do love the Levellers and Vampire Weekend, but I really love 'Little Donkey' the best'! Anyway.. I digress... The point is that last weekend I was at a corporate 'family' BBQ and just couldn't stop taking pictures. Little things just kept capturing me. It was that old issue of being afraid of losing a single moment, coming to haunt me again (this was the same event that sparked of the 'Big Yorkshire Skies' images). I was fascinated by the grass- it's structure, the way it fell, the little flowers growing through it, the white-sprayed patches on the games pitch. It was as though I was viewing it with fresh eyes. And the loveliest thing of all was that nobody batted an eyelid at this...After all these people work with my dad (the man who writes wonderful Jelly Baby Stories). Like father like daughter... they wouldn't have expected anything less.

I really want to use these images in some way, at some point. But for now I'm busy with the 'Big Skies' stuff. Seeing if there is any sort of possibility of translating it into glass...


  1. There is no one like a 5yr old to tell it like it is LOL, lovely images especially the clovers x

  2. I think a normal person would come across as totally freaky in my house!

    Love the photos!

  3. It would be nice if the Levellers recorded 'Little Donkey'. Write and ask them to make a Christmas hits CD with it on.
    Your photographs are great. It is amazing what beauties are about us in our everyday lives yet we (the royal we = me) do not always focus in on them. Thank goodness for your vision and your iphone.
    Thank you for the compliments. I have just roughed another Jelly storyboard but have not got enough jelly babies and other props yet so this will have to wait until I return from our holiday in bonnie Scotland.
    Xxx Dad


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