Monday, 27 June 2011

You Promised Me a Storm

I'm waiting and waiting for the sweet relief of raindrops. The sky is heavy. But the rain won't come. I've been waiting since mid-afternoon when the clouds started to gather, and form a menacing cloud-gang. Hoodies, ASBO's, the lot. Will these clouds live up to their promise? I kind of need them to, the atmosphere is intense. Too intense to cope with much longer. It has been 30+ degrees for the last two days (yes even in Yorkshire). It was fun for a while.. pretty dresses and paddling pools (god how I plan for the pretty dresses, my hot day outfits are planned months in advance!). But now I've had a day of hot crossness. It's not pretty anymore. I'm not good with heat. It makes me grumpy, I flop and flap around in a dramatic way, cover up in factor 50 (heaven forbid my milk bottle legs may take on a little colour) and become obsessive about opening windows and 'letting the air through'. It makes not a jot of difference, of course. Simply being grumpy in the heat keeps me busy and tires me out and, in turn, makes me even grumpier. Right now there are dead flies in the paddling pool and I really, really need the storm to come and end it all.


  1. It has been threatening the last couple of hours here in the Peaks too - but not a single rain-morsel to be found as yet. Warm sunny days a great with a breeze but the still, hot air of the last couple of days has left me gasping like a fish out of water. I'm not made to fare well in heat - I feel your pain!

    Jem xXx

  2. I love storms! We have just had a bit thunder and lightening as I was reading your blog. It seems to have died down now though :(
    I arrived home yesterday to find a crowd of sunbathers on the beach outside my window, I was tired after a weekend away and just wanted peace and quiet, we live above a pub on the seafront so sunshine equals lots of drunks with very few clothes on and millions of wild children. I wished and wished for a storm to flush them all away and before I knew it the sky turned black. It was amazing, torrential rain, thunder and lightening and an extremely rough sea.
    I hope you get your storm.

    Anna x

  3. Have you tried a rain dance?
    I really like your picture of the daisies shadowed on the planks of wood, the composition is amazing. Full of feeling. Full of depth, almost 3D
    xx Dad

  4. the weather in london is beyond weird! i left the house in a summer dress, came home to a rain storm...xx

  5. moody and beautiful. see you tomorrow x


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