Thursday, 2 June 2011

If I'm happy will I jinx it?

(Er... this is a possibly a little too deep for a Thursday morning?)
 I've always been a little afraid of happiness. Don't get me wrong, I'm always striving to achieve it's elusive, slippery self, but whenever I have captured it in the past, something seems to go wrong and it all unravels. These days, all though I'm pretty certain it's there, I daren't acknowledge it, daren't let myself actually feel it, in case it's gone again. I think this comes from having a pretty rough ride these last six years, I'm through the worst of it now (I hope), but am so afraid of jinxing this fragile little bubble of ok ness that I inhabit now. If I allow myself to be happy then I'm just setting myself up for another very steep fall. Goodness I'm getting deep these days... Anyway this is the new work that I'm tentatively happy pleasantly chuffed with. I've managed to take slightly better images of it, but am still plagued with reflections... will get there eventually. It hasn't got a title yet but is developed from the Strata work. It is basically layers of drawing, stitching, wire and glass... am going to fire another two experimental pieces later along the same vein. (Don't say anything pessimistic.. don't say anything pessimistic... but they will probably break or get tin boom or slide... damn it... said something pessimistic)


  1. (This is a non-deep comment - but definitely meant all the same) Ooo! I totally love it! the frame sets it off perfectly too. Good luck with no.2 and 3 :)

  2. They are fabulous - enjoy the moment...I²m sure it²s going to last :-)

  3. Oh thank you both... I actually find it quite hard sharing my work. Your support means a lot xx
    Ceri, I meant to reply to a previous comment you had made on a different post about getting out and trying to sell work... thank you! I know it might just seem like a random comment to someone you've never met... but really, it does help with my confidence, and I really do take notice. Thank you xxxx

  4. I think it is quite beautiful! I wish I could see it in person, the way the light reflects off of it.

    Now for a little personal note: I used to struggle with happiness too, pushing away joy in fear of pain. I was paralyzed emotionally and artistically. Finally something snapped. I guess I just realized that pain would come and I had to find my balance and enjoy the happiness when I could. I now take the happiness and when the bad stuff comes I feel stronger and more able to recover. I hope something snaps for you.

  5. Your Dad says the concept for this is amazing and has resulted in you producing a stunning piece of art work. A photograph cannot do it justice. A photograph cannot convey the special effect and movement between the glass and the background image when you change your eye line.
    Stunning, stunning, stunning……..
    Dad xx


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